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I Love Sim Gretina by MechaMoonStone I Love Sim Gretina :iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 2 0 Taylor Williams - Small Fry Cast (P.2) by MechaMoonStone Taylor Williams - Small Fry Cast (P.2) :iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 0 0 Rough Busts - Small Fry Cast (P.1) by MechaMoonStone Rough Busts - Small Fry Cast (P.1) :iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 1 0 One Forest Dweller by MechaMoonStone One Forest Dweller :iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 1 0 Wilma by MechaMoonStone Wilma :iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 1 11
Akashi xReader (After the Fact) I
Continued from: Cheater!Aomine xReader
Four months had passed. Four long and hard months. The first few days were the hardest. You had to plan around Aomine’s schedule to actually go back to his flat and retrieve the rest of your things. Thankfully, Akashi had been very...supportive?
Perhaps that wasn't the right word. To you he seemed almost abnormally eager to assist you. Whenever you voiced your concerns about returning to the apartment he was reassuring you of his “absolute protection”. When you broke down at Aomine’s flat after seeing a bunch of new items and furniture moved in -specifically those that would belong to a woman- it seemed to hammer home just how little Daiki had cared for your relationship with him.
Yet Akashi had been quick to offer a sting shoulder to cry on. It was embarrassing and you apologized profusely, mentally berating yourself for being so clingy and fragile. But Akashi would merely pat your head, call you silly, and assure
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 52 9
America xFemale!Reader (Amelia)
You felt cheated. Scammed. Lied to for the most part. Alfred had made it sound like taking a human as his guest to an otherwise-exclusive ball for the Personified Countries was a tremendous deal. You had been so nervous for all the hype he'd placed in your mind.
You had bought a new dress and spent close to two hours on your makeup and hair; and yet Alfred hadn't even made it to the ten minute mark before he ditched you while you were getting drinks. Now he was wading through a horde of other countries. Big, opinionated, and intimidating -not to mention practically immortal- countries that had held grudges and arguments with one another that sometimes spanned more years than your own lifetime.
Nope, you were already nervous enough given how out of place you felt as a human being.
“Ah, so you're America’s special guest.” A cultured yet intuitive voice murmured off to the side.
A bit startled, you turned with a light blush across your cheeks.
“Oh,” you exhal
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 6 2
Request Fic - Prowl x Male!Reader (Lost Stars)
You were glad Prowl was willing to put off a little extra heat for your sake, especially since the majority of his room lacked a ceiling. So here you were, laying in boxers and a wife beater atop the black chassis of Prowl, the bot using his servo to shield you from the cold.
“You're surprisingly quiet tonight.” Prowl murmured, gently running a digit along your arm.
“Hm, oh...sorry.”
“Don't be. It was just an observation.” Prowl replied, a small smile flickering across his lips.
“Yeah...It's just strange. Tonight is one of those few nights we can actually see what few stars are left…” You explained, gesturing to the clear sky.
“You like to stargaze?” Prowl asked, surprise lightly woven into his tone.
Your face flamed red, “W-well...yeah, I do. Ah…”
Prowl cupped your face with the edge of his digits. “Don't be embarrassed. There's nothing shameful about it.”
You shrugged, but gave his servo a
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 16 3
Request Fic - Briseis (MLP)
Briseis laughed as Vinyl swung her head wildly to the beat of the music. Apparently the song she'd suggested was a hit with musically talented pony.
Aside from the occasional odd look from the waiter, Briseis could call this a successful lunch. Vinyl tapped her hoof against the table and pointed towards the park pavilion.
Briseis laughed nervously, her wings twitching to match. “Ah...hah, I dunno Vinyl. The song’s a bit...intense for most ponies.”
Vinyl just shrugged and placed a few coins on the table, nodding for her friend to follow. With a snort, Briseis followed-.
“Whoa!” The white Pegasus shrieked.
With a loud thump, a fair amount of heads turned to find Briseis with her face buried in the dirt, one of the chains on her ankle bracers was clearly stuck on the stool she’s been using.
Briseis glared at Vinyl as the pony tried to hush her laughter.
“Not funny.”
Vinyl just shrugged, still clearly amused of her grin was anything to go by.
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 1 2
Debbie's Gem Belt (Concept 6) by MechaMoonStone Debbie's Gem Belt (Concept 6) :iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 3 0
Kise xReader (Support)
You scowled, limping along as you relied on the brick walls of the passing stores to keep you upright. Your leg throbbed like crazy and your good leg was starting to give from exertion.
You almost toppled over. “Kise?”
Of course, that ever-famous teen with the perfect blonde hair and the knock-em’-dead smile was running after you with a bright dorky grin. He waved at you wildly, as if you weren't looking right at him.
“Kise...what're you doing here?”
“I was at Magi Burger with some friends when I saw you pass by. What're you doing here so late?” He prodded, gently touching your hand, concern in his eyes as his gaze flickered to your wounded leg.
“I'm just walking home,” you grit your teeth and looked away, “”
Kise looked alarmed, “(Name)...” He said, his voice laced with an alarming amount of worry, “Your study group ends at 5:45…”
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 24 2
Bara!Sans xReader (In Defense)
You blinked at the monster. No in a prejudice sort of way, heavens no! Just, wow.
“Hello…” You managed to choke out. “Is there something I can help you with?”
It was a scary thing when intimidating people can to the help desk. You'd come to learn that appearances were very deceptive. The towering skeleton monster flashed you a...well, you assumed it was a friendly grin. The sharp teeth kinda sapped the friendliness from it.
“Hey, so you've gotta cash register ova’ here? Right?” He asked.
There was a scoff from behind him before you could reply. “Hey asshole! The checkouts are over there!” Someone behind the monster shouted.
You smacked your hands together, giving the man a hard glare. “That's enough. This place is labeled as an open-to-all! If you have an issue with another customer that does not involve harassment or physical harm I'm going to have to ask that you kindly remove yourself or keep your racism to yourself.&
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 132 11
2P!England xBaker!Reader (It Wasn't Sugar)
You tapped your foot, an eyebrow raised just enough to give the nearly immortal man before you the impression that he was in some serious trouble.
You dragged a hand down your face, “Iggy…”
Arms looped around your waist with the perfect amount of tightness to be comfortable. You were met with a pearly white smile as you narrowed your eyes. “I-.”
“You're sorry I know.”
“It was only a little.”
“Maybe it was only a little laxative powder, but the mess in the bathroom if far from little.” You scowled.
“I said I'd clean it up, love.” He hummed, giving you a silent wide eyed plead for forgiveness.
You steeled yourself. “Sneaking extra things into the food for a laugh is alright and all at dinner parties. But NOT at work. You're supposed to be helping me with the baking, not driving me into a lawsuit.”
Iggy pouted but sighed. “Okay,” he mumbled.
You sighed and offered a small smile,
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 9 2
Midorima xReader (A Shift of Luck)
Thank god he had been in a good mood this morning...or else you're sure he would have left without you. Lateness was not tolerable to Midorima.
And your broken alarm clock was certainly offering you a staggering amount of lateness.
You were gasping for air by the time you made it to his place, the run had been exhausting.
“Hn, your endurance could use some work.” He mumbled, but nonetheless waited for you to catch your breath.
“Thanks for waiting, Shin-kun.” You smiled sheepishly, straightening out. “Shall we go?”
Midorima just nodded, “It'd be foolish to wait any longer, we’re already late as it is.”
Ducking your head, you felt guilt ebb at your heart as you fell into step beside your boyfriend. ‘He's just being blunt. That's how Shin is, right?’
You wrung your hands nervously, not knowing what to say. Sometimes it was hard to tell if Shin was actually angry with you or...well, whatever his normal mood was.
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 44 5
Hot for You (Grillby x Reader)
So maybe he wasn't a fan of talking, selectively mute as humanity had labeled it. It was a privilege, a hard one to earn no less, but you treasured every rare occurrence of speech that graced you.
Though to call him silent would be nothing short of grossly incorrect.
While Grillby was quiet in the vocal sense, the man was always emitting noise. You would know. You were currently relaxing on the couch with him…
Well, you were engaging in some intimate cuddle time pinned beneath him as he coyly placed light feathery kisses along your face, neck, and shoulders.
You loved ever whooshing swirl of his ignited embarrassment. Adored every crackle of a smile that sounded when his mood picked up. You could tell the difference between a depressed crackle and a determined one. His breathing was calming to listen to and you indulged yourself as he panted beside your ear. Every deep velvet rumble that emanated from the depth of his chest, sending vibrations through the fingertips you had splay
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 189 44
BioSheet - Emmett Ruth Hodginee
Name: Emmett (or Emri) Ruth Hodginee
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Species: Human by Appearance, True Species Unknown, Speculated as Unique Amalgamat
Nationality: Unknown
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Fair
Signature Item: Golden Triangle Earrings (Gift from Zelda)
Guilty Pleasures:
Weapons: Cutlass of the Pirate King, Shadow Staff, Whip
Specialties: Magic (Multiple Types)
Powers: Offensive Energy Magic, Portals, Use of Magical Artifacts, Shadow Magic
Tools: Tephione’s Travel Bag, Magical Trinkets, Tephione’s Ring, The Codex
Abilities: Flight, Echolocation, Portal Summons, Communication with Shadow Realms
Friends: Skull Kid, Tawny, Zelda, Whittleton Chief (Naugo)
Family: No Direct Family
Allies: Whittleton, Shadow Beasts, Hyrule (Distant), Antemal
Enemies: Various Rulers, Prince Irving,
Those Held Dearest: Daigas
•Likes to be referred to as either Ruth or Emri
•She ages at a very slow rate.
◦Upon meeting Z
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 0 0


Rusty {giftart} by Deezmo Rusty {giftart} :icondeezmo:Deezmo 17 4 I'tan by Dogslug I'tan :icondogslug:Dogslug 47 1 Come, my love. by Dogslug Come, my love. :icondogslug:Dogslug 139 34 Troll Rogue by jktcomics Troll Rogue :iconjktcomics:jktcomics 448 31 BaBam Color by KimberlySwan BaBam Color :iconkimberlyswan:KimberlySwan 200 76 My Manni by cryptfever My Manni :iconcryptfever:cryptfever 550 82 Hellscream vs. Bloodhoof by GlennRaneArt Hellscream vs. Bloodhoof :iconglennraneart:GlennRaneArt 2,414 368 Ancient of Lore by UnidColor Ancient of Lore :iconunidcolor:UnidColor 7,889 547 Commission: Xiun by Quarter-Virus Commission: Xiun :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 193 7 Buck and Rivet by NEOmi-triX Buck and Rivet :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 109 4 Buck and Rivet Sketchdump #2 by NEOmi-triX Buck and Rivet Sketchdump #2 :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 83 14 Buck by NEOmi-triX Buck :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 91 7 cute... by NEOmi-triX cute... :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 79 1 ptoo by NEOmi-triX ptoo :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 110 1 'Dream Daddy' Goblin by NEOmi-triX 'Dream Daddy' Goblin :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 95 12 Copperwell and Rusty by NEOmi-triX Copperwell and Rusty :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 89 8
  • Listening to: Sim Gretina
  • Reading: Writing, actually
  • Watching: Alonzo Lerone
Heh, whoops.

Hi guys, it's been forever hasn't it. College is right around the corner for me, so...yeah. That'll be an adjustment. Originally I was going to commute, but now I'm a resident.


It's really...REALLY hectic and I'm doing my best to chill and do what I love...but then I get stressed and end up feeling guilty for not putting my ass in high gear and prepping for college.

So...yeah. I'm usually prowling around Tumblr and Ao3 now. Hmu if you want to follow me there.


It's A Secret
United States
In a nutshell, I'm basically just a girl with a passion for drawing and writing. I love my writing style and the current path it's on, but there's always room for improvement for how I draw and create.

I have a FFN Account where I go by Songbird's Spirit. There's a lot more non xReader literature over there. But in any case if you happen to come upon this little iota sized spot of DA then I give a great big hello to you~

:happybounce: Commissions are open! :happybounce:

Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05 Toon Chronicles Micronus Prime by soy-monk
Love To Write Stamp by Latias-Flyer My OCs Are My Babies Stamp by rinkunokoisuru Sad blue emote by KlauS92 Nissl bodies by SirvanaRachana STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette
Background Music by Skylark-93 self taught writer by mtooox Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner wrong reality by WolfcatStamps Read unown by Wookiesarebetter Don't talk by Sergeant-McFluffers Friends Appreciation (non-DA theme) by XxDiaLinnxX Marin and Melan Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress
Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05 Gamecube Lover Stamp by Sora05 FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku
:thumb169904293: Heart Music by AlexSatriani Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123
Love Music Stamp by Shinji-Sama Or else you will die by Khallysto Danisnotonfire: FEELS by MiaowKat
District 9 Citizen by Shinji2821 Abe_stamp by RecordRewind Tampon - o0Cynical0o by stamps-club
Karma - o0Cynical0o by stamps-club

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Multi-Chapter: 5 :points: per chapter

Songs: 4 :points:
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All prices are negotiable. I'm pretty lax about them.

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